Saturday, December 2, 2017

SEO Vs Paid Marketing which is the best digital marketing channel?

Which is best digital marketing channel in both search engine optimization and paid marketing (Google AdWords). The question arises here because SEO is not an easy as previous years(before 2012). When easily got rank in Google and in other major search engines via did large numbers of link building with target keywords as anchor text. This is the very simple job and gets high volume traffic. But with the time passing, Google continues updating self via update Google Algorithm, and some Google updates are gone in real time.

seo vs google adwords

Before 2012, you just need to make the link with targeted keywords and did some bookmarking and you could see in the couples of days, website start to come on targeted keywords. SEO experts were happy in those days. But this, not a right way and its increase spamming on the Google. Google love the website which has meaningful information and user-friendly navigation.


In the earlier case, when visitor search for particular service/product/guide, due to spam not were getting an appropriate content via Google. Then Google took a step against such kind of spammy activities. Google strongly believe in give meaningful and useful content to the visitor. Bring new Google algorithm Panda and Penguin and start the fight against spammy content. In these days, Google is the smart search engine and behave like your intelligent friend.

So, now this is not an easy job left to bring the website to target keywords. If you still following old SEO tactics then probably you will not get satisfied result or maybe Google will penalize your website. You need to update according to Google guidelines.

Get Google Guidelines here:

On the other hand, with the help of Google AdWords, you can bring your website to the first page. You need to pay the fixed amount. Need to setup Google AdWords account and start a campaign. According to the Google latest update, top and bottom four positions acquired by Google Ads Links. So, this is very an easy approach, payment amount and get rank at the top positions in the Google.

Search engine optimization and Google AdWords, both are the digital marketing channel. One is free of cost and another one is paid for getting positions in the Google search result page (SERP). The question arises here that which one is best if the situation arises to pick only one.

I think nobody can give the accurate answer for that. Because both are important on the particular condition. Both have the power to give maximize ROI. So, judgment who is best in SEO and Google AdWords is not an appropriate.

Let’s see profit prominence of both Search engine optimization and Google AdWords

Items Search Engine Optimization Google AdWords
Show Result Take 6-9 Months Instant
Difficulty Tough Easy
Traffic Amount Unlimited Based on Campaign
Target Worldwide Limited but you can do it worldwide
Cost Cheaper as Compare to Google AdWords Costly as compare to SEO
Getting Result Unlimited Based on Campaign

So, you can see the above comparison. Both are effective and important but according to a situation.


Simple you are ready to spend large amount and want the quick result, go with Google AdWords otherwise, SEO is the best option.

Hope you enjoy throughout the reading this article. I appreciate your response via comments.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing

The new in thing in online marketing is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is an innovation that showcases perfectly insight. Apart from DM, earlier the innovation was just utilized as a part of cutting edge robots, however now a few organizations have begun to put resources into this innovation. AI enables the organizations to enhance their advertising on world wide web by computing data/information.

AI enables the organizations to enhance their promoting by get-together information and after that by comprehending the numbers, utilizing the logical capacity it forces.


AI is the future of digital marketing

Virtual chatbots developed help has turned out to be a genuine distinct advantage in the field of marketing world. These virtual portal utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP), a capacity of the PCs through which it can program itself to react in genuine dialects, to coordinate client's content or voices input.

With the assistance of AI, the virtual right hand can streamline its customers' basic leadership process and upgrade their promotion spending plan progressively. It deals with all the setup, streamlining and announcing for the advertisement crusades keeping in mind the end goal to expand the customer's online available.

Numbers of popular social media are using AI to track their traffic including behaviour, comments, likes and shares. That help to perfect control on analyze with less efforts.

Internet business websites, for example, Amazon and eBay, computerized advertisers with the assistance of AI tracks the perusing example of every client to help the organizations to contact its clients all the more efficiently.

Google has likewise been doing likewise. It utilizes its publicizing program device called Adword. In Adword, in the event that one has demonstrated enthusiasm for purchasing a pen by tapping on Google Ad, at that point it will over and over demonstrate to you the pen's Ad.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ways of Internal Linking of Website Pages

Have you know about, what kind of internal linking structure is following by your website?

Absolute or Relative

So, this means two ways are available of internal linking of website
pages with one another. Proper internal linking give best user experience and as well easy to understand for search engine also.

Let's start to understand, what is this?

absolute relative url

Absolute Linking Scheme: Put the complete path of the target link, that means it is absolute internal link scheme. 

For an example:

<a href="">Digital Marketing</a>

Anchor Text is: Digital Marketing
Target Link is:

You can see clearly that above link is using full path of target. That is mean it absolute linking scheme.

Relative Linking Scheme: This link scheme believe in use relative path not a complete. The above link example, we can write also in another way, that is:

<a href="/p/digital-marketing.html">Digital Marketing</a>

You do it and result in both case will be same.

So, you can see here, that we have discussed on two theme of internal link scheme. Now question is arise that which one is best for us.

May be you knows that Google is using more then 200 signals for give rank to website. May be Google has using internal link structure in one of them.

I have searched many times on most of popular SEO blog but not get any solid reason about which one is best. If you have it then please share here.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to Increase Social Media Engagement to New Website

Increase social media traffic to the website is a common question to newbie in digital marketing world. How to get good numbers of social media traffic to the website? Numbers of people are just thinking that make social media accounts and share posts and work done. This is not way, where you can achieve business goals. You need to do something special and creative.

This is an ordinary way that most of the people are doing, those are actually don't aware about the social media marketing. This is a strategy work. You need to do some research for same business on social media. This will give you basic idea to prepare action plan.

What are things you need to care when you are going to make social media accounts?

So, here we are going to explore all those platform which are really help for you.

1. Business Analysis on Social Media

What kind of services or other things which are you going to serve via website? You have to proper and complete information about what are you going to put in front of world wide web public. For an example, suppose you have bakery website and deliver cakes within Birmingham area. 

So, what are your role for this:
- Check out some competitor's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. 
- See what kinds of phrases they are used in #tag.
- See their profiles/pages completely.
- See their page URLs.
- See what kinds of things have shared on social media accounts.

2. Profiles/Pages Setup

To make an awesome profile for business. The profile should be complete and have all information in it about your business, like business name, working hours, address, contact numbers, logo and email id.

Profile and Page URL should be on Brand Name.

For an example you can see social media account,

3. Use hashtag when you shared post

Don't forget to add # tag into your post. See trend and according to that use # tag into your website. 

4. Make Social Media Marketing Plan

You need to make marketing plan for share post of social media. You need to update business social media accounts on regular interval. That help to give good brand value.

5. Interconnect Social Media Accounts with One Another

This will be good step, if you interconnect social media accounts to one another then help to achieve good result.
6. Image Quality and Size

This is a very important that you should be care about what kinds of images, you are going to share on social media. Not only image kind but size also.

So, these are the basic things, you can get good result if you follow it. If you have more suggestion about this post then please share via comments. Your are future suggestions are welcome here.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Digital Marketing - Trends to Watch Now

Digital Marketing Trends in this Year

The digital marketing platform helps to boost business like storm. Digital marketing is quite different from local marketing. It allows to target world wide location from single sit. In the 2016, we saw that mobile apps marketing, email marketing, display advertising, email marketing and social media are leading. We very well knows that digital marketing is the dynamic. Now it is going to absorb new things. Here we are going to flash on those upcoming trends:

digital marketing trends


This is the new feature in the digital marketing. It allows to show things at the real time. This is features are recently introduce and numbers of apps are available on Google play store for this. However Facebook and Instagram have already add this features. Are you crazy for become part of live event then contact your friend request for live streaming. You will become part of this. You fell like that you are there. If you are Facebook user then you may be saw such type of live streaming video.


The Pokémon Go: Pokémon Go has certainly brought augmented reality into the mainstream. Prior to the launch of this incredibly popular mobile game, augmented reality was a niche technology and there was plenty of doubt that it would ever catch on outside of educational or experimental applications. Thanks to Pokémon Go, augmented reality is now a viable technology in a wide range of markets. As companies in various sectors begin to explore this innovation, AR becomes a more attractive pursuit for investors than other emerging technologies such as virtual reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality popularity is growing day by day. May be you are confused about the what is the AR and VR, AR use technology into the real world where VR not into the real world. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gain Web Traffic on New Website from Social Media

Have you brand new website? Looking quality web traffic from social media websites, YES! you can get it. You, just need to follow some rules and strategies. That help to achieve your goals without any delay and extra efforts. We are here going to discuss at all possible areas where you can easily get customers to your websites via social media.



Yes, you need to finalize it before the make steps into the social media world. This helps to get brand awareness perfectly. How much your business have good scale of brand awareness that in same amount your success will be. So, don't overlook on it before the start social media activities.


Are you new into the marketing world? Don't worry I will tell you how to get brand name for your website. For example, consider my business website is the then brand name will be yes dheer only.

But when you consider brand name, confirm that brand name should be unique. Otherwise may be another one will get your brand awareness profits.

A question arise here that what happened when two websites have same brand name. Unfortunately, some time this kind of things happened. Lets take an example.

First Website:
Second Website:

If you going to consider brand name for both website, then we found same brand name for both websites and that is yes dheer. What do in such kind of situations? I already said that brand name should be unique and attractive.

In such kind of situation if one website absorb yes dheer as brand name then another website either or yesdheer net will be choose brand name with TLD like or respectively.


This is a very high priority thing. Social media profile and pages should be meaningful and fully completed. Precisely use brand name of the business into the social media profile. There is no common format for required information. Social media websites have their own profiles form and form for page. So you need to visit that and complete and make more appealing and meaningful.


This is very important thing if you do not precisely then may be you lost of approx 50%. You need to care for this. If you are going to make facebook page then what will be the finalize url for facebook page. Let take an example of, you can see the brand name of the wbesite yes dheer then facebook page url will be:

I think, this is the perfect url for facebook page.



When you are going to post into social media. Use hash tag with high priority keyword and brand name also. That helps to gain good brand awareness.


Yes, you have own social media account but this not means that daily you are posting only and only your websites links. This is not good. Also share similar context links on your profiles that may be return good result to you.

Above things are essential things for make good social media profiles and pages. If you don't have strong profile then you can't retain visitor on profiles. May be profiles will be suffered with high bound rate.

In these days, this is more easy to track social media traffic within particular social media website. Most of the social media websites are providing such kind of analytic tools. You can easily analysis web traffic on your social media profiles or pages.

Above discussed things are just primary things and need to done with high priority. Now you need to become more tricky and more updated. You not only post into on your social media, its above you need to actively part on post from others. You can like and comment with proper suggestions. Also try to post with care trend. What are topics are going trendy? Use hashtag and get good response.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Get Google Adsense Account Approved for My Website

Want to make money from Google Adsense and looking for make your own Google Adsense. Yes, you can do this. Here we are going to discuss on same thing. We are discuss on what kinds of things you need to make own Google Adsense account.

What is Google Adsense Account?

This is the network that help to make money online from your blog or website content. Make money online through website monetization. This is specially for Publisher. Once you approved your Google Adsense accout then you get the script and you need to place into your web page, where you want to add it.

google adsense account

Short Tricks that Help to Approve Google Adsense Account

You can easily get approval if you can about somethings like:

1. Your website at least 15 to 20 web pages.
2. Don't forget to make about us and contact us page.
3. If possible use Structured Data into website.
4. Make sure your website content is unique and written by experts. Google is strictly deal with copy content.
5. Website code should be clear and user friendly navigation system.
6. Don't use copy right things into your website, if exist then remove all that before the apply for Google Adsense account.
7. Confirm that all pages have proper title and meta descriptions on web pages.

If you are worry about the images for your website then you can download from:


Start from here: Google Adsense Account

Hope You can get Your Google Adsense Account Approval in Short Time.

Thank You!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Make Your Own Website

How can I create my own website?

Yes, you can get a website. With this guide, you can make a site. Simple website builders list that help to make your own website and design web pages on your wishes. You know website design is a very creative field. You can use your creativity to design your own website without any coding knowledge. You just need to do drag and drop and nothing else.

In these days, create your own website is not a big deal. Numbers of people are without coding knowledge and using website builder, making their own website. Several online website maker platforms are available where you can easily build a website. We are going to summarize all phases to make self-website online. You just need to pay little amount for this.

make a website

Before, the go ahead, you have to solid ideas for make website. Ideas like what are things, you will put into your new website. What are things, you are going serve to World Wide or just for personal fun. So, these are possibilities to behind any website. We take a simple theme website, imagine that we are going to make website based on your bio data.

You need to make content first. You need to write content about your hobbies, music, movies and many more things. If you are going to build a business website like bakery website. Then you have to complete analysis of that and prepare menu based on they serve.

How to do Domain Registration

To purchase domain, you need to spend little amount of money. For initial one year domain price is very low but when you are going to renew for next further years then amount will be high. If you have long lasting planning for website or need to website for many years, then try to choose maximum years as possible. This is good for you. If you are search for domain registration for a website, then numbers of top websites are coming into the Google Search Result Page.

Here, I am sharing some most popular domain registration websites,

1. Go Daddy
2. Big Rock
3. Name Cheap

You can easily book your domain. Several online offers are available. Please check all above websites for best offer. They are also providing the coupon code, you can search online and get the coupon code for domain registration. You just need to simply type that “coupon code for go daddy”, then you can list of coupon online.

Just need to apply at checkout time. You will pay low cost for domain registration. Be careful at the time of domain registration, if you are making website for personal use then don’t use premium listing words like cricket, tech and many such kinds of websites. When you use such kinds of words into the domain registration search box then it may be increase your domain cost and may be sometimes it comes in lakhs. So, be careful while you are registering your domain.

Design Website and Website Builders

After the domain registration, the next phase to design your website. If you are professional web designer then you can do it, otherwise contact to right person or agency. You can also contact to me for design your website. You can search also on internet for find good web designers. You can search on freelancer’s websites where you can find numbers of web designer.

If you have not any coding knowledge, then don’t worry. Several online website builders are available that help to make your website. You need to do just drag and drop. You can easily make your website. I giving some list of leading and simple website builders that help to make your website with easiest manner. You can not only build website but also give attractive look that you are actually looking.

Keyword Research and Content Management

If you have basic knowledge about the Search Engine Optimization, then continue read otherwise skip this paragraph. To bring traffic to new website, you need to strongly follow Google Guidelines. Proper keyword research is powerful success factor, if you do it correctly then your success is 50% confirm. You need to make proper meta tags and title for each and every page.  

Without content and image, website is never seeming as good. You have to put sufficient content and related images into the website. If you have no ideas that how to make content for website, then contact to freelancers. Numbers of freelancers are available on internet. You can easily find out yours desire one.

Website Hosting Services

Once you have completed design and content management, now time to find place to host a website. Domain registration is just like a reserve your identity now time to place where we can put web files. May be some websites will offer free website hosting but this is not 100% guarantee that they are giving optimum and trusted services. Some times what happen, you make your website with hard work and make many pages and upload content to the website and such free hosting websites, without any notice close hosting account. Result, your website will not see.

This is not a good situation, to overcome such kind of situation you need to purchase some high professional website hosting services. I am sharing some best website hosting services providers.

1. Go Daddy
2. Big Rock

Setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console

If you want to track traffic details of your website, then you should be setup Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. Google Webmaster or Google Search Console treat as doctor for your website. Give website health report and try to make your website more efficient and user friendly. Provide various kinds of online Google tools that helps to make website better.

Google analytics helps to analyse your website traffic. Who are visitors of your website? What are the pages having high bounce rate? Coming visitors from which country and city. Such type of several information you will get from this tools. You can do complete analysis for your website. You need to make a sheet for summarize all data that help to track all traffic and your website direction. If you feel any type of trouble in setup, you can ask me to fix your problem. I appreciate your response.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

How to Increase Domain Authority of website?

Yes, this is an important factor for ranking signal. This is like trusted symbol for your website. If your website has low domain authority scales, then don’t overlook on that. Start to work for that. We are going to all areas that help to boost website domain authority.

Domain Authority Responsible Factors

1. Site Dependent

It is a responsible factor for domain authority of your website. Your website should be have clear code and user friendly navigation system.

Site Structure

Website should be
- Maintain User Friendly Website Structure
- Use Text Links Extensively throughout the website
- Offer user accessible sitemap
- keep the average numbers of links on page

Site Level Optimization

- Implement a practical internal linking strategy
- cut off links diluters
- make your site fast

On Page SEO

- Care for Keyword Density.
- Keep permanent links short and relevant
- block level content optimization

domain authority

2. Content

Content is the king in the digital marketing world. If you want to good ROI then need to invest into the content management and marketing.

Care for Content Optimization:

Keyword Proximity
Keyword Prominence
Keyword Density

Content Assets

Research and find what works best in your field
Produce something totally unique
Produce something exceptionally detailed on a topic
Produce link -bait content
Produce evergreen content


Reach out to influence
Share your content across your social network
Leverage your email subscribers list
Use paid social media promotion
Make content promotion a daily habit


Email Knows Linkers
Email the top blogs and websites in your field
Outreach aggressively directly suggesting people to link
Analyze your competitors link profiles and target linkers
Find Resource Pages Related to Your Content and Ask for Links
Leverage Broken Link Building to get some additional link love

3. Social Media

Social Media Presence

Create Website profiles on major social media sites
Properly setup profiles
Use professional design to boost your credibility
Promote social presence on website

Social Media Authority

Gain High Profile Followers
Links to your Social Profiles from Your Guest Posts on Top sites
Gain Followers by Leveraging viral topic and Epic Content

4. Branding

Brand Awareness

Utilize Online Marketing
Advertise Your Brand on Social Media Sites
Host an Industry Event
Leverage Re-targeting

Brand Engagement

Respond to Your user’s questions and comments
Host a Quiz related to your industry
Run an Informative blog that people come back to often
Send a T-shirt or other Goodies to your most active users

Brand Trust

Apply Industry Award
Get Referenced on Leading News Sites or Magazines
Use Trust Badges

5. Relationship

Relationship with Influencer

Share Influencer’s Content
Interact with influencer in Your Niche
Praise Good Works
Ask them to read your content and provide feedback

Alliance Building

Build Alliance with Fellow Site Owners and Bloggers
Read and Share Each other’s Useful content pieces
Contribute to each other sites

Helping People

Download PDF:

So, these are basic points that help to you get Good Domain Authority Scale for your website.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Write Blog for Make Money?

You know in this time, for the small – small things, people search on Google. Most of people are consider Google as Internet. Yes, this is true. Those people are not connected to technology or study. For them Google is an internet. Google is! It is capable to give all things that you actually want. You can see, means if you write something about what people are actually search on internet that means they will visit your website and website get conversation. When website start to getting good conversation that means you are earning.

So, this is simple formula to make money from internet. Now, question is here that how do you find that what people are actually searching on internet. With that, they will come on your website/blog and you can make money from that. First you need to find your what are available ways to find out what people are actually searching on internet.

Tools for What People are Searching on Internet

Yes, this is a very important. You should be known that what people are searching. Without this you cannot get desire success, because people are not searching, for that you made blog or website. That means they would not visit website and no conversations and no profit. Result is all in vain. This is not a good thing. You have to prepare for that and make research on that, how can you find that what are those things which people are searching on internet.

Google Trends

This is an awesome tool. It helps to find out latest trend on this time. You can see latest trend and on that based you can find out the numbers of ideas to write blog. You can also put your own queries on that and search for trend of that.

Be careful about yours enter queries. Don’t put more than three phases queries on search of Google Trends.

money from blog


This is not compulsory, you need to follow what Google Trends is showing. You can write you known very well. I am writing this blog because I am working in since 2013 and I have good knowledge and information. If you know how to boil eggs, then you can write it. Saying means, put your expatriation in the front of world.

Write Story

If you heard story from your grandmother, then you should be write that on internet. You can make it on different part. That will be your web pages or post.

So, you have multiple areas, in which you can write blog. Now Talking About, what are things needing to Start Blog.

Things Needed for Write Blog

Ideas for Write Post

As, we already discussed that you need to analysed completely it. We discussed on Google Trends, yours expatriation and more. The best thing in them, you start what is you known. This is gives you unlimited ideas and encourage to write more and more. I think you should be go with your expertise.


You need a platform where you keep your content. Make sure people can easily access your thoughts. Make more user-friendly website that help to give better experience. If you do not know how to start with website or make website, then please visit below link:

You need to some investment to start your own website. You need to register your domain, need hosting and digital marketing. If you are not interested to spend then start to free blogging platform like, and many more are available. But I recommended, this is best free blogging platform. May be some blogging website, may be delete blog due to their terms and condition but is an excellent platform.

Digital Marketing

This is main actor of your blogging’s film. Without this, no one get desire success. Your website need digital marketing expert that guide you how do you marketing of website. Know more about the digital marketing.

To bring website into the Google Search. You need to follow Google Guidelines and Search Engine Optimization techniques. That helps to bring website on Google Search. This is not enough, you need to bring website on the top search. Mostly people are clicking only first page results only. Priority is here that website should be on top ranks.

What are popular areas for Write Blog

As, we already discussed on this. You should be write on your own expertise. This is the best way for you. But still I want to share some best blogging areas to make money. I want to explain all those in short. Hope! you will understand me that what I want to say.

- Insurance
- Real Estate
- Cooking
- Sports
- Health
- Investment
- Earn Money Online
- Computer Tricks
- Entertainment
- Technology

So, these are areas, you can write blog for above topics. They are widely searching on internet. If you have expertise on any topic, then don’t waste your time and start to write now.

Best Blogging Platform: Blogger vs WordPress

This is very typical, that which is the best platform for blogging website. No doubt that WordPress is widely using in this era. WordPress is the content management system. Another side blogger provides free hosting service. For WordPress, require hosting server while with no need to purchase hosting server for blogger. I think, you understand what my point. With blogger you no need to purchase hosting, you need to purchase only domain name, if you need your custom website domain name, otherwise blogger provide domain name with blogspot extension URL. WordPress is also providing it but this is better for you go with

Click on below link and know more how do you register custom domain name.

Make Money from Blog

Once you live your blog, now time to how do you make money from it. This is an important part of this whole discussion.

Google AdSense: This is best earning source from blog or website. You need to apply for Google AdSense Account from here. Fill all the required details in the application and submit it. Google AdSense account take time to approve. Make sure before the apply for Google AdSense account, website should be having 10 to 15 web pages. They will well written and meaningful. Otherwise Google AdSense account is not approved your request, so be careful for this.

Once your account approved, you will get notification on your email account. You need to create Ad that will best fit into the website. You can create multiple ad unit like portrait, landscape, banner, box and many more.

In the reality, Google AdSense take time to give you money. Almost, you need to wait for one to two years. If your website is old and coming good traffic then you will get $100 in just few time but website is not and not enough traffic is coming on website, then this is very typical to make money from AdSense. So, start to bring good numbers of daily visitors on website.

Affiliated Marketing

This is another way to make money. You can earn more and more dollars from it. If your website is more popular and daily visit is very high then you should be join affiliated marketing network. Such network give commission on sell/conversation.

Suppose, you have a website related to website design, then you need to search web design affiliated network in the Google and you will get list of affiliated networks. Apply in that and once you approved. They will provide script or link that you need to put on website. When visitors will come, and click and done conversation or purchase. You will get commission.

So, in this way, you can earn money from website or blog. I hope you like this post, if yes then don’t forget to share, click on social media icons for share.

Thank You!