Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Choose Best ALT Tag for Images?

ALT tag is a simple HTML tag, but its highly recommended by search engine optimization point of view. ALT tag is like a meta for image to understand ‘what about image’. If you have knowledge of on-page optimization of website, then we make optimize title and description. That’s things help to search engine understand website content.


Same thing with image ALT tag. It helps to search engine understand your image. Choose proper ALT tag for image. Now question is here that how to choose best ALT tag for describe image in the best manner.

Image ALT Tag Optimization

Sure, one thing come in mind that start to put target keywords into ALT tag for get good ranking. Ideas is not bad if you were doing Search Engine Optimization @2012 and its earlier, but In these days, search engine keep close views on image ALT tag.

Nobody can’t directly put keywords into the ALT tag area, this is better to choose best words or phrase to describe image in the best optimize manner. If you follow it properly then chances are more to get good ranking on your desire keywords.


This is better for you start to combine your target keywords with describe words for image. Make sure image ALT tag will not seems more long. Ideally three, four and five phase ALT tag is good.

Example for Make Optimize ALT Tag

Click here for See Image:

Image about the: reporting data, optimize data about the after the measurement.

Our Target Keywords: website audit report.

Then ALT tag should be like: Website Optimize Audit Report

Why “website optimize audit report” alt will be helpful?

When someone search for website audit report then it will be chance to get listed in the Image search result and may be come on the top rank (if perfectly optimized). Click on image and get the quality traffic to the website.

Hope you understand concept of ALT tag for images. If you have any question and query, then please share here via comments. Your all reply’s welcome here.


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