Saturday, January 28, 2017

What are things Should be Care Before the Make Website Live?

Are you wants to make website live on web server? You answer is yes, ohh... great but have you check out some things before the make website live. You know this is time of digital marketing. If your website is product based then you know very well, for good numbers of product sell needs proper marketing.

In the digital marketing era, anybody can sell lots of things. People are like to purchase new product from online. But digital marketing have their guidelines. We help to understand those.

New Website Live

So, here we are going to discuss with some amazing facts that helps you to achieve yours goal. 

10 Checklists that Should be Full Fill Before Website Put on Live Server

  1.  Each and Every Page should be have title and description.
  2. Avoid duplication title and description content.
  3. Each and every page should be have unique title and description.
  4. Image should be have ALT tag.
  5. Each and every page should be have proper content.
  6. Use heading tags where it needs.
  7. Fix website internal link structure, either absolute or relative.
  8. Social connectivity.
  9. Proper Use of open Graph Protocols.
  10. Check favicon. 
Hope these things will help to you. Important thing is here that you should be care about your website. Properly use digital marketing strategies that help to increase your business from world wide location. 


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