Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What Happened When Images Without ALT Tag?

You sure want to know this, what happened when upload image without alt tag in the website. ALT tag is an auxiliary thing for search engines. Let we understand with an example.


Suppose you are going to shopping. You are one of them who are care for budget. You prefer below $25 shirts for self. You like shirt in the shopping mall but you can’t get price tag there. Then what happened you start to contact with salesman or other representative or maybe you left that.

without alt tag images

Same case happened with the Image ALT tag, if you are not care for it then may be search engine left to give value. Your image will not come in globally search without ALT tag. Should be care about it without it search engine can’t do positive thing.

Have you all idea to how to make ALT tag for image that like by search engine. You don’t worry you can get here all things that you want about the ALT tag.

If you want to details study about the why ALT tag is an important to search engine. You can read here.




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