Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What is Difference Between Title and ALT Tag for Image?

I know you are new in Digital Marketing. However, both are playing to give information about the target image. But still have some nature difference. These are two things that one for search engine and other for users. One is visible and other is not directly visible. Let’s we take closer look on title and ALT tag.

title vs alt tag

Difference Between Title and ALT Tag


  • Specially write for Search Engine 
  • Not directly view able. 
  • Need to check source code or inspect element for see ALT tag. 


  • Specially design for users. 
  • Directly view able. 
  • Just hover on the image and you can see title of the image.

Hope, you have clear idea about title tag and alt tag. If you have still any question in your mind that share via comments.


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