Monday, January 30, 2017

Which is the Best IPhone Version to Buy

Are you planning to buy a brand new IPhone? Why not! Everybody knows that Iphone is the ever best mobile phone. You know several versions of the IPhone are available in the marketing. Most of the people are like to going with latest version IPhone but this is not means that older IPhone versions are not good. I think you should be go with your requirement. We are here going to discuss with all IPhone versions. Check out the which will the best suit for you.


iPhone 7 Plus


The biggest and the best - The iPhone 7 Plus is the top of the line model. It's acquired the major screen--5. 5 inches--which makes for excellent gaming and multimedia. In any other place where features are different from the 7, it's acquired the better options: better camera, more battery life, etc. Longer battery-life - The 7 Plus' electric battery is big while offering longer life than some other model. Apple boasts up to 60 several hours of music playback and 16 times of life time for this mobile phone.

Improved camera - The 12-megapixel cameras on the both iPhone 7 models deliver great photos, even in low light, and are almost identical. The difference is usually that the 7 In addition offers wide angle and telephoto images, plus depth-of-field effects that make photographs to those on multi-thousand-dollar DSLR cameras. Photographers may wish to look closely at this. 3D Touch screen - The screen on the 7 Plus can find how hard you're forcing on it. As a result, it can act in response in several ways to different varieties of touch. Not really only does this eye-catching features like Friendly Photos, it also unwraps many different new user-interface options.

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Touch ID finger print scanner - Apple's next generation fingerprint scanning technology is built in to the several series, so entering account details and making purchases is really as simple as pressing your phone's Home button. NFC & Apple Pay - Both iPhone 7 models include support for NFC (Near-Field Communication), the standard that can be used for transactions with the Apple Pay mobile payment.

Newer processors - The most up-to-date, fastest, and most able chips show up in both iPhone 7 models: the 64-bit A10 processor and the M10 co-processor. The 6S series and the SE offers the previous generations of both. Apple Watch appropriate - Every phone on this list works with both generations of the Apple Watch.


Not any headphone jack - the iPhone 7 series doesn't include a standard headphone jack, instead demanding either wireless earbuds like Apple's or an adapter in order to connect traditional earphones.

Bigger size - to its 5. 5-inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is very. Just like almost 1. 5 inches wide taller than the others. It may well not exactly} fit in your pockets. If if you're not sure you want a huge screen major} phone, obtain one at a store purchasing.

Higher price - Due to its bigger screen and better features, the 7 In addition costs more than the equivalent iPhone 6S models.

IPhone 6


Big screen - Good deal bigger than the 4-inch display screen on the iPhone. The 6S series has the same options for screen sizes as the 7. 

Nearly identical features to the 7 As well as - Almost every feature of the 7 In addition is also present on the 7 (for the ones that usually are, check out the disadvantages below). The two mobile phones are identical when it comes to storage options, processors, 3D Touch, ID, support for NFC and Apple Pay, and Apple Watch compatibility. Different than the depth-of-field results noted below, the quality of the cameras is very similar, too. 

Significantly less expensive than the six Plus - Each type of the iPhone 6 less expensive than the equivalent iPhone 7.


Smaller screen than 7 Plus - The iPhone 7's screen is about three-quarters of an inch smaller than that on the 7 Additionally, so if you require the biggest screen possible, look at other model. 

Significantly less battery-life than 7 Additionally - The 7 also offers a shorter electric battery life, though it's still very good: 40 several hours of music playback and 10 days of life, according to Apple. 

Low quality camera - The camera on the 7 does not include the wide viewpoint, telephoto, and high-end depth-of-field effects, so images in some circumstances may well not be as nice as those taken with the 6+ (for the each day photographer, though, the big difference probably won't be noticeable). 

More expensive than 6S or SE - Since it's one of the latest models, it's more costly than the earlier ones. 

No headphone jack - Just like the 7 Plus, the 7 doesn't have a traditional headphone jack.

IPhone 6S+


Huge screen - Like the 7 Plus, the 6S Plus sports a 5. 5-inch screen, dwarfing the screens on the 6, 6S, or SE.

Decrease price than 7 In addition - Since it's one year older than the 7 Plus, you can get a similarly outfitted 6S Plus for around $125 less.

Very good camera - While it doesn't pack in all the features of the camera on the 6 Plus or even the 7, the 6S In addition sports a 12-megapixel camera with hardware image stabilizing and great video features.

3D Touch screen - Just like the 7 series models, the 6S Plus has a 3D Touch display screen that reacts based hard you press it.

Touch ID fingerprint scanning reader - Like 7 series, the 6S series has the improved, second-generation Feel ID scanner. 

Support for Apple Pay and Apple Watch - Just like all models on this list, the 6S Plus helps Apple Pay and the Apple Watch.

Headphone jack port - The 6S series is the last Iphone with a traditional earphone jack. If that is important to you, check out their, the 6S, or the SE.


Lower storage capacity - The 6S Plus maxes out at 128 GB, while both 7 series models offer up to 256 GB for saving music, photos, apps, and more.

Slower processors - The 6S series is built around the A9 processor and M9 action co-processor, one generation at the rear of the chips used in the 7 series.

Less camera-features - While the 6S Plus has a good camera, it does not have the wide angle, telephoto, and depth-of-field features of the 7.

Much less color range on display screen - The screens on the 7 series models display a wider range of colors for a brighter, truer image. You will not find that on either 6S model.

IPhone 6S


Lower price - The 6S is cheaper than the comparable iPhone 7 or 6S Plus. 

Nearly identical features to the 6S In addition - All of the hardware features of the 6S Plus that make it such a good phone, with the different of the camera (more on that in a minute), are present on the 6S, rendering it a great option. 

Headphone plug - Like the 6S Plus, you'll find a traditional headphone jack on the 6S, too


Lesser camera than the 6S - The camera on the 6S does not have the image stabilization {top features of features of} the 6S Plus. It can still a good camera, just not quite as good as its bigger sibling's. 

Same hardware disadvantages as the 6S In addition - All of the hardware drawbacks found on the 6S Plus are present in the 6S as well.



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