Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why Need to Add ALT Tag to Image?

Google, Bing and Yahoo: These are major search engines, which are widely using in now days. They deliver result in three format, items are: Text, Image and Video. In these three things, text is play a vital role for search engine. It helps to search engine that what is object.

TEXT: This is an easily understand by the search engine. Search Engine use latest semantic search thing for analysis content. Use also keyword proximity, keyword prominence and keyword density to analyse content and give rank.

image alt tag

In the Digital Marketing Industry, Content is God. Without content, nothing will happen. Content help to search engine as well as users also to understand target website. Search Engine basically using more than 200 signals to give rank a website.

Content Optimization is one of them, so should be care for website content optimization.


IMAGE: This a true that Search Engines can’t read image. Need some description about the image for get info about the image. In the HTML coding, this role play by ALT tag. It helps to understand what about the image.

Most of the developer’s people left this portion and make website live to the internet world. This is better for choose proper image ALT tag. If they not have idea which will be the best image alt tag then should be consult with SEO guy for suggestion.

VIDEO: Same thing like image. Video also need content to describe itself.




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