Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Do Search Engine Optimization

Basic Guide for Do Search Engine Optimization

Dear Friend,

Probably Reasons Are:

1. Want to do Bring Website in The Google Search
2. Want to do Search Engine Optimization for New Website
3. Want to do SEO for OLD Website
4. Just for Increase Your Knowledge about SEO

search engine optimization

These are possibilities due to that you are here. Believe you don't upset. Carefully follow all things.

I am not interested into write long long post that may be make you bore. Get Short and meaningful information for Search Engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

This is basically strategy that help search engine to understand website. Several things are involve in it that help to optimize website according to Search Engine.

Factors of SEO:

On Page Optimization: Related to onsite work. Changes done at the web pages.

Off Page Optimization: Off side word. Work done beyond the website. Basically generate for back links.


Know what are things, need to do in the On Page Optimization.

Title Optimization
Meta Optimization
Image Optimization
Content Optimization
Heading Tags Optimization
Interlinks Optimization


Directory Submission
Articles Submission
Social Bookmarking
Document Sharing
Press Release
Classifieds Submission

So, these are basic things you need to do for make website according to search engine.


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