Friday, February 3, 2017

How to do SEO for New Website?

Hello Friends,

You have the brand new website and want to makes it live. Worry about how to get good traffic on it!
Why are you worry? Follow Google Guidelines with Search Engine Optimization and get good ranking and good traffic. So, Simple and Very Easy!

Yes, in wording it is seems as simple, but in the reality a different picture might be you face. Here we are talking about the all aspects those help to get good traffic from your website. If we are talking about the Business website then it is become more important to get quality traffic.

seo for new website

We are here talking about the most popular Search Engine Optimization techniques based on Google Guidelines. I love WHITE HAT SEO techniques. You know very well that most of the people are using Google, so our concentrate only on Google here for this time.

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

You should be care about this. Because according to latest Google Algorithm, Google is going higher priority to Mobile Index as compare to Desktop Indexing.

Means your website should be open perfectly. You need to do mobile testing before make it live. If you are not aware about this then you should be research for RESPONSIVE WEBSITE DESIGN,

Two popular methods are running to do mobile compatible website.

First one for Brand New Website, should be choose responsive website design, as we already discussed.

Second one for OLD website, this is very typical to make old website to change into responsive web design. This is better option to make mobile website. When website is open then according from device, call website design.

Target Keyword Research

This is more powerful factor of your business success, without proper keyword research, no one can get their business Goal. You have to do proper Keywords Research.

You can also get the ideas from your competitor websites.

Check on the Google Keyword Planner tools.

Content Optimization

Now time to optimize your website on content basis. After the make lists of target keywords now time to optimize with content of the website. If you are able to write content for your website then do it otherwise contact me, I can help you on this.

You need to make optimize title, description and heading tags for each and every pages of the website. Most concentrate on the home page content.

Properly use heading tags in the content.

Properly do image optimization and you can read more about the image optimization via click on image optimization.

Inter Linking Website Pages

You know, few years ago, Google gave limitation of links on the page and that is around 100. But in now a days no limitation exist for put links on the web page. This not means put numbers of links put on the website.

How much need that should be do it. You can inter linking relevant page to the others one. You can see here that in the above paragraph I linked image optimization page in the above paragraph.

Build Social Signal

You know social media is the powerful tool, in now days. If your social media profiles are strong then you can easily get the good traffic in just few minutes. Should be link your website to the social media. Make Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ profile, Pinterest account and many more social media websites are available.

Inbound Link Building

Now time to do, link building for the website. This is like pillars for your website. More pillars then more strength. This is a simple formula of website strength. You can write article, blog, social bookmarking, directory submission, classifieds those are giving follow links to your website. In this way you can do link building for your website.

So, friends these are basis things, do it and get desire result. You need to do all these things in the right manner and success in front of you.



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