Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to Make Gmail Account More Secure and Safe from Hacking?

Are you worry about your Gmail Account Security? Let's do something for make Gmail Account more secure and safe. Sometimes, avoid somethings may be come with big problem. This is better for us to make safe earlier.

Secure Gmail Account and Safe from Being Hack

secure gmail account
1. Confirm that Number are added into the account. If sometime you have problem with account login, then you can easily recovered your account.

2. Add alternative email it to your gmail account. It helps to recover your account. If your not able to login from your registered Gmail ID, then it provides recover link into the Alternative Gmail Account.

3. Use 2-Step Verification: This is the best method and very helpful. You can easily use this features. Just add to your regular mobile number and get each time verification code, when you are going to login into Gmail account.

This is a very helpful and secure do it, as soon as possible.

More info:

4. If you have Android mobiles then Login from Gmail Apps.

5. Important things, please keep all the details about the gmail account, When you create and security questions.

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