Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Make Website Online? Free and Paid

This is a tutorial about the how to make website. You have two option for this.

1. Want free website
2. Ready to pay for make website.

Before the start to make website, this is an important know your intention. Either looking for make free website or pay for website, no problem. We are going to talk on both things. First we discuss about how to make free website online.

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How to Make Free Website

Yes, you can make your own website @ free of cost. With free websites, several kinds of limitation, you will face.

You can't select TLD. TLD stands for Top Level Domain like .com, .net, .us etc. So, you can't select your choice TLD. You need to agree with the domain will be provided by the free website hosting,

I want to share some free web hosting website that help to you make your own website.


These are websites are providing free services to host website. If you are good coder and ability code your own website then upload your code here and make your own website.

If you are not familiar with coding and do not any programming language, don't worry. You can easily make your own website with website builder tools. Such tools are also available for free of cost but with limited time duration.

I am already said that where lots of limitation you will be face. Something like may be your website will shut down without any notice or may be redirect or lots of unwanted ads appearing on website. So, these are things you will face.

If you are going to make business website then you should be go with register your own domain.

Several online web domain provider websites are help to get your own custom domain.

Name of the websites for Register Domain:


So, once you register your own domain then you need to host that domain on the hosting websites.
Several online website hosting services are available.

Are you looking for free hosting website with custom TLD domain?

Yes, you can do it. You can select your own domain and hosting for lifetime without any pay single coin. In that is the best option for you. Where you can easily host your website without pay any single coin.

Blogger has also some limitation. You have to deal with same predefined XML design. This is pretty good if you are looking for just website without database. Deal with database withing blogger is not an easy job and I haven't idea about this.

You can see my website is also host on Blogger is specially design to host blogs then if you are looking for make blog website then this is the best option for you.

So these are things about the how to make free website online. To make website with pay little amount money, we will discuss in upcoming article.

Pay for Make Website Online. ( will be discussed in the next article).

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