Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Which is the Best Version Window 7, Window 8 and Window 10?

This is genuine question, which sure comes in your mind. This is a very difficult choice for new people. Those are going to start first communication to Computer or Laptop. Students, small business and many more people, maybe they are on first time with Computer and Laptop.


We need the best version of window that help to easily deals with Computer and Laptop. Actually, Windows are operating system. That help to communicate with laptop and computer.

General Purpose of Windows Operating System

Window 7: I think, this is best for new people.
Window 8: Who are think as expert.
Window 10: Not suggest, from my personal experience. Window 10 is not good.

Better to use Window 7 for computer and laptop.

NOTE: Above Post is the based on Google Search Result or/and with my opinion. If anybody have query, complain and suggestion for this. Please contact us or comment below. Your response will appreciate for us. 


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