Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How Can I do Own Website SEO?

This is common question in now days. Everybody wants to bring the website on Good ranking in the Google. To bring website in the Google, need to do perfectly SEO on website.

Now answer of your question. Yes, you can do it, but you need to strongly follow Google Guidelines.

own website seo

Commonly three kinds of strategies, are known in SEO

- White Hat SEO
- Black Hat SEO
- Grey Hat SEO

The white hat search engine optimization technique is ethical way. Google is also recommended to it. If you want to bring your website into the Google, then you must need to care about it. Actually, white hat SEO completely based on Google Guidelines. Now I am sharing List of Google Guidelines.

Link of Google guidelines @ https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35769?hl=en

Other side black hat search engine optimization technique is way to opposed guidelines and focus on just bring traffic to website. No rules and no care with this strategy. But now days’ search engines are more smart and they easily find out who are using black hat search engine optimization strategy.

Grey Hat Search Engine Optimization strategy is the combination of white hat and black hat. I think, this is nice but not say 100% recommended. In some situations, you may be compelling compromise with black hat search engine optimization. This is also depending on your smartness.

So, these are strategies to deal with search engine optimization.

Now time to what are things to do for bring website into the Google search. First you need to check out the eligibility of your website. In these days, Google strongly announced that preference to responsive websites. So, time to check your website responsive.

Check here mobile friendly test for website responsive.

This is just basic web design testing. Now time to check out the code error into the website. You need to check out with w3c website. Visit below link.

W3C Validation @ https://validator.w3.org/

After the website testing. Now time to check out the keyword research and competitor analysis. If you do not have any idea, then please visit here for how to do keywords research for new website.
You need to prepare final keywords list. According the services optimize keywords of different – different web pages. You need to follow content optimization principal.

Properly placed keywords in title, description, heading tags, image optimization and content. That help to create better understanding for search engine. This is kind of work comes into on page optimization. Due to all changes are doing on the website, that’s why it is calling on page optimization.

Off page optimization is another part of SEO, this is technique which apply on second party websites. Aim behind it, gain strong back links for website. This is like pillars for home. Same thing applies for back links they are like pillars for website. In that, you just need to create profile and add website link into the profile. Update regularly them and website start to gain link juice, which very helpful to gain rank into the Google Search Engine.

Another Detail Guide @ seo academy for become seo expert

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