Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to do Increase YouTube Video Viewers

Yes, YouTube is second numbers of search engine. Google is dominant in the search engine list but that day is not far, when YouTube will be first number search engine.

Have you uploaded video on the YouTube, but still not getting relevant traffic to your posted video. That meas you are missing somethings. Need to improve it and fix it.

If you here about the search engine optimization then it may be advantage for you, else don't worry. We are going to start from bottom.

YouTube Video Promotion

Full Guide to Promote YouTube Video

1. YouTube Video Title

Should be care about the YouTube video title. Video's title should be related to video. If your video is about the boil egg, then video title will be like "how to do boil egg" or "boil egg at home". So these are basic example for your video.

If you want to more eye catchy title then add some killer things like... title like "Boil Eggs in 10 Minutes". So you can add some phrase from your side. But should be care for video title length.
Title should be sweet and short.

2. YouTube Video Tags

Tag is deal like keywords. It help to people easily search out your video. It also help to YouTube to understand your video. Do not put lengthy tags into the post. Just try to two or three words. I think this is better.

3. Custom Thumbnail Option

When you upload video on the YouTube, as default some thumbnail will be show there. If you feel this is good then left it. If you think that will not do fine work. Upload your custom thumbnail to video.

You can upload your desire picture to that video, but image should be relevant to video. You know thumbnail will play a vital role for you. This will create good impression. So, should be careful about the video thumbnail.

Details about the Thumbnail:

- Resolution: 1280 x 720 pi
- Size: less then 2 MB

4. Branding

This is also an essential thing. Your product should be famous with brand name also. This is beneficial for you that add intro video clip less than 5 seconds at the beginning of video. It create brand popularity. Once you business get branding than success is not left far.

Same thing apply at the end of video.

5. Promotion of YouTube Video

You know social media is powerful platform. You can make any thing viral in just few seconds and earn lots of dollars. Yes, this is true and 100% true. You can see many business on completely depends on the social media.

You need to create profile, page, group, community and collection with social media. List of social media where what you can create for promote your video.

Facebook: Profile, Page, Group
Google: Profile, Business Page, Group, Collections
Pinterest: Profile, Board
Twitter: Profile
Instagram: Profile

6. Blog for YouTube Video Promotion

You need to create blog that content text information of your YouTube video channel. When you upload a video into YouTube Channel then better for you make text version of that blog and post into the blog and link or embedded video within it.

7. Request Share Video

At the end of the video, ask to visitor to share this blog on social media. It help to make it vital. This is natural thing that if video is helpful for others than people will sure your video and it automatically viral on social media.

Hope you like my this post for how to do increase YouTube Video Viewers. If you like my this post then please share with other social media profiles.

Thank You!

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