Saturday, March 4, 2017

How to do Keywords Research with Google AdWords Tools?

Hello guys, Google AdWords is an awesome platform to do keywords research. We are here going to discuss that how to do keywords research with Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

For this, you have to Gmail account. Once you login into your Gmail account type, and visit this website.

keyword planner tool

See at the menu option, you can see there Tools. Hover on that and choose keywords planner. See below pictures that help to understand full process.

Keyword Research with Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tools

Step#1: Choose Keyword Planner

keyword planner

Step#2: Choose Search for New Keywords

keyword planner

Step#3: Enter the Business Service. Like Wedding Planner or Wedding Management

keyword planner

Step#4: I enter wedding planner and click on search. You can see in below image, numbers of keywords suggestion. Click on Download button and download all the keywords. 

keyword planner

Hope you like this post and help this in keywords research. If you have any query and suggestion please share here.


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