Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Take Ever Green Selfie from Mobile Phones

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What are the best positions to take selfies
What are the best mobiles apps for take selfies
Best Selfie Camera Mobiles Phones
Be Careful While Taking Selfie

SELFIE! Everyone attract with this word. When someone taking it, people start to gather and start to join selfie and in the different – different styles. Youth is completely gone made for this. Take selfie is the part of their life. If they meet old friends, then start to take selfie. If they eat Pizza, then start to take selfie, even some people don’t miss to take selfie of restaurant bills and many more example. I think you know very well, all such kinds of example.


Selfies are showing their presence on occasion or thing. Yes, this is trend of the present life. We should be follow this and I am also untouched from this. I like to take selfies. After the research on many things, I am writing this post for you all friends. I hope you sure like this article and also help to make it more useful to others.

What are the best positions to take selfies?

If you are new on take selfie then, this article sure help you to take the best selfie photos for you. I am going to share some common styles, those are most popular. While you are taking selfie then you’re taking angel is an important aspect of your success.

These are images for just demo purpose:

What are the best mobiles apps for take selfies

You know in the present time, numbers of smart mind developers people are making awesome application for you all. This is also true, that lots of options, makes you confuse. Okay don’t worry here I am sharing most popular apps. I think you sure like it and if anybody has better option then please share here. We can make this source more helpful and more reliable for all readers.

Best SELFIE APPS for Android Mobiles

1. Beauty Plus Apps
2. B6 12 App

Best Selfie Camera Mobiles Phones

If you are not interested to install selfie camera apps a looking for best camera phones. Yes, high mega pixel camera mobile phones give better result while you are taking selfies. From the popular source, I try to collect best camera phones those are not heavy expensive and coming in the normal people budget. I will update this soon.

Be Careful While Taking Selfie

Selfie is the good thing another side it have some dangerous. Sometimes few people wants to some extra ordinary selfie. They think by that they will be famous but they don’t now its cost. Taking selfie on railway track, high mountains and others dangerous areas is not a good. This is better to you all take selfie at the safe place. Preferred garden, restaurant and more such kinds of places. Your life is far more expensive from your selfie. So, care about your life.

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