Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Register My Domain Name

Yes, you can do it. I think you are looking for make yourself personal/business website. Yes, this is good. By this you will get online footprint.

Before the proceeding to get domain online. We have to discuss on some thing that sure help on better understanding with domain register.

domain registration

If you are looking free domain then you can easily book with several free domain provider network. But problem with those. You cannot get complete custom domain like my website, may be that domain like or or many more types.

If you are ready to pay small amount to register your custom domain then this is good. You can get desire domain from leading domain register websites.

What Kind of Domain Should be Register

Specially, most of the people are going with .com domain. This is the most popular domain into the registration of any domain.

Analysis of Website Domain:

Suppose this is website URL:

You can see that here, three part is seeing in above url.

First is www.
Second is yesdheer.
Third is .com

First is www, this stands for World Wide Web. You can more read about this on @

Second is Brand Name. My website brand name is Yes Dheer.

Third is TLD, this stands for top level directory.

So, these are basic things about the domain registration and you should be have information about this.

In the next section I am giving the list of top domain registration website list.

1. GoDaddy: This is leading website domain registration website. You can get your dream website name from GoDaddy easily. It offers also some promotional coupon code. Check out the website properly then go for register domain name.

2. Hostgator: Hostgator is also providing best domain registration services to world wide. You can easily book your desire domain with Hostgator domain registration website.

3. This is popular website domain name registration website. You can get numbers of top level domain directories for register your business.

Hope you are enjoying this post. If you have any suggestion or comments then please share here.


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