Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Write Blog for Make Money?

You know in this time, for the small – small things, people search on Google. Most of people are consider Google as Internet. Yes, this is true. Those people are not connected to technology or study. For them Google is an internet. Google is! It is capable to give all things that you actually want. You can see, means if you write something about what people are actually search on internet that means they will visit your website and website get conversation. When website start to getting good conversation that means you are earning.

So, this is simple formula to make money from internet. Now, question is here that how do you find that what people are actually searching on internet. With that, they will come on your website/blog and you can make money from that. First you need to find your what are available ways to find out what people are actually searching on internet.

Tools for What People are Searching on Internet

Yes, this is a very important. You should be known that what people are searching. Without this you cannot get desire success, because people are not searching, for that you made blog or website. That means they would not visit website and no conversations and no profit. Result is all in vain. This is not a good thing. You have to prepare for that and make research on that, how can you find that what are those things which people are searching on internet.

Google Trends

This is an awesome tool. It helps to find out latest trend on this time. You can see latest trend and on that based you can find out the numbers of ideas to write blog. You can also put your own queries on that and search for trend of that.

Be careful about yours enter queries. Don’t put more than three phases queries on search of Google Trends.

money from blog


This is not compulsory, you need to follow what Google Trends is showing. You can write you known very well. I am writing this blog because I am working in since 2013 and I have good knowledge and information. If you know how to boil eggs, then you can write it. Saying means, put your expatriation in the front of world.

Write Story

If you heard story from your grandmother, then you should be write that on internet. You can make it on different part. That will be your web pages or post.

So, you have multiple areas, in which you can write blog. Now Talking About, what are things needing to Start Blog.

Things Needed for Write Blog

Ideas for Write Post

As, we already discussed that you need to analysed completely it. We discussed on Google Trends, yours expatriation and more. The best thing in them, you start what is you known. This is gives you unlimited ideas and encourage to write more and more. I think you should be go with your expertise.


You need a platform where you keep your content. Make sure people can easily access your thoughts. Make more user-friendly website that help to give better experience. If you do not know how to start with website or make website, then please visit below link:

You need to some investment to start your own website. You need to register your domain, need hosting and digital marketing. If you are not interested to spend then start to free blogging platform like, and many more are available. But I recommended, this is best free blogging platform. May be some blogging website, may be delete blog due to their terms and condition but is an excellent platform.

Digital Marketing

This is main actor of your blogging’s film. Without this, no one get desire success. Your website need digital marketing expert that guide you how do you marketing of website. Know more about the digital marketing.

To bring website into the Google Search. You need to follow Google Guidelines and Search Engine Optimization techniques. That helps to bring website on Google Search. This is not enough, you need to bring website on the top search. Mostly people are clicking only first page results only. Priority is here that website should be on top ranks.

What are popular areas for Write Blog

As, we already discussed on this. You should be write on your own expertise. This is the best way for you. But still I want to share some best blogging areas to make money. I want to explain all those in short. Hope! you will understand me that what I want to say.

- Insurance
- Real Estate
- Cooking
- Sports
- Health
- Investment
- Earn Money Online
- Computer Tricks
- Entertainment
- Technology

So, these are areas, you can write blog for above topics. They are widely searching on internet. If you have expertise on any topic, then don’t waste your time and start to write now.

Best Blogging Platform: Blogger vs WordPress

This is very typical, that which is the best platform for blogging website. No doubt that WordPress is widely using in this era. WordPress is the content management system. Another side blogger provides free hosting service. For WordPress, require hosting server while with no need to purchase hosting server for blogger. I think, you understand what my point. With blogger you no need to purchase hosting, you need to purchase only domain name, if you need your custom website domain name, otherwise blogger provide domain name with blogspot extension URL. WordPress is also providing it but this is better for you go with

Click on below link and know more how do you register custom domain name.

Make Money from Blog

Once you live your blog, now time to how do you make money from it. This is an important part of this whole discussion.

Google AdSense: This is best earning source from blog or website. You need to apply for Google AdSense Account from here. Fill all the required details in the application and submit it. Google AdSense account take time to approve. Make sure before the apply for Google AdSense account, website should be having 10 to 15 web pages. They will well written and meaningful. Otherwise Google AdSense account is not approved your request, so be careful for this.

Once your account approved, you will get notification on your email account. You need to create Ad that will best fit into the website. You can create multiple ad unit like portrait, landscape, banner, box and many more.

In the reality, Google AdSense take time to give you money. Almost, you need to wait for one to two years. If your website is old and coming good traffic then you will get $100 in just few time but website is not and not enough traffic is coming on website, then this is very typical to make money from AdSense. So, start to bring good numbers of daily visitors on website.

Affiliated Marketing

This is another way to make money. You can earn more and more dollars from it. If your website is more popular and daily visit is very high then you should be join affiliated marketing network. Such network give commission on sell/conversation.

Suppose, you have a website related to website design, then you need to search web design affiliated network in the Google and you will get list of affiliated networks. Apply in that and once you approved. They will provide script or link that you need to put on website. When visitors will come, and click and done conversation or purchase. You will get commission.

So, in this way, you can earn money from website or blog. I hope you like this post, if yes then don’t forget to share, click on social media icons for share.

Thank You!


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