Saturday, March 18, 2017

How to Increase Domain Authority of website?

Yes, this is an important factor for ranking signal. This is like trusted symbol for your website. If your website has low domain authority scales, then don’t overlook on that. Start to work for that. We are going to all areas that help to boost website domain authority.

Domain Authority Responsible Factors

1. Site Dependent

It is a responsible factor for domain authority of your website. Your website should be have clear code and user friendly navigation system.

Site Structure

Website should be
- Maintain User Friendly Website Structure
- Use Text Links Extensively throughout the website
- Offer user accessible sitemap
- keep the average numbers of links on page

Site Level Optimization

- Implement a practical internal linking strategy
- cut off links diluters
- make your site fast

On Page SEO

- Care for Keyword Density.
- Keep permanent links short and relevant
- block level content optimization

domain authority

2. Content

Content is the king in the digital marketing world. If you want to good ROI then need to invest into the content management and marketing.

Care for Content Optimization:

Keyword Proximity
Keyword Prominence
Keyword Density

Content Assets

Research and find what works best in your field
Produce something totally unique
Produce something exceptionally detailed on a topic
Produce link -bait content
Produce evergreen content


Reach out to influence
Share your content across your social network
Leverage your email subscribers list
Use paid social media promotion
Make content promotion a daily habit


Email Knows Linkers
Email the top blogs and websites in your field
Outreach aggressively directly suggesting people to link
Analyze your competitors link profiles and target linkers
Find Resource Pages Related to Your Content and Ask for Links
Leverage Broken Link Building to get some additional link love

3. Social Media

Social Media Presence

Create Website profiles on major social media sites
Properly setup profiles
Use professional design to boost your credibility
Promote social presence on website

Social Media Authority

Gain High Profile Followers
Links to your Social Profiles from Your Guest Posts on Top sites
Gain Followers by Leveraging viral topic and Epic Content

4. Branding

Brand Awareness

Utilize Online Marketing
Advertise Your Brand on Social Media Sites
Host an Industry Event
Leverage Re-targeting

Brand Engagement

Respond to Your user’s questions and comments
Host a Quiz related to your industry
Run an Informative blog that people come back to often
Send a T-shirt or other Goodies to your most active users

Brand Trust

Apply Industry Award
Get Referenced on Leading News Sites or Magazines
Use Trust Badges

5. Relationship

Relationship with Influencer

Share Influencer’s Content
Interact with influencer in Your Niche
Praise Good Works
Ask them to read your content and provide feedback

Alliance Building

Build Alliance with Fellow Site Owners and Bloggers
Read and Share Each other’s Useful content pieces
Contribute to each other sites

Helping People

Download PDF:

So, these are basic points that help to you get Good Domain Authority Scale for your website.

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