Thursday, March 23, 2017

Make Your Own Website

How can I create my own website?

Yes, you can get a website. With this guide, you can make a site. Simple website builders list that help to make your own website and design web pages on your wishes. You know website design is a very creative field. You can use your creativity to design your own website without any coding knowledge. You just need to do drag and drop and nothing else.

In these days, create your own website is not a big deal. Numbers of people are without coding knowledge and using website builder, making their own website. Several online website maker platforms are available where you can easily build a website. We are going to summarize all phases to make self-website online. You just need to pay little amount for this.

make a website

Before, the go ahead, you have to solid ideas for make website. Ideas like what are things, you will put into your new website. What are things, you are going serve to World Wide or just for personal fun. So, these are possibilities to behind any website. We take a simple theme website, imagine that we are going to make website based on your bio data.

You need to make content first. You need to write content about your hobbies, music, movies and many more things. If you are going to build a business website like bakery website. Then you have to complete analysis of that and prepare menu based on they serve.

How to do Domain Registration

To purchase domain, you need to spend little amount of money. For initial one year domain price is very low but when you are going to renew for next further years then amount will be high. If you have long lasting planning for website or need to website for many years, then try to choose maximum years as possible. This is good for you. If you are search for domain registration for a website, then numbers of top websites are coming into the Google Search Result Page.

Here, I am sharing some most popular domain registration websites,

1. Go Daddy
2. Big Rock
3. Name Cheap

You can easily book your domain. Several online offers are available. Please check all above websites for best offer. They are also providing the coupon code, you can search online and get the coupon code for domain registration. You just need to simply type that “coupon code for go daddy”, then you can list of coupon online.

Just need to apply at checkout time. You will pay low cost for domain registration. Be careful at the time of domain registration, if you are making website for personal use then don’t use premium listing words like cricket, tech and many such kinds of websites. When you use such kinds of words into the domain registration search box then it may be increase your domain cost and may be sometimes it comes in lakhs. So, be careful while you are registering your domain.

Design Website and Website Builders

After the domain registration, the next phase to design your website. If you are professional web designer then you can do it, otherwise contact to right person or agency. You can also contact to me for design your website. You can search also on internet for find good web designers. You can search on freelancer’s websites where you can find numbers of web designer.

If you have not any coding knowledge, then don’t worry. Several online website builders are available that help to make your website. You need to do just drag and drop. You can easily make your website. I giving some list of leading and simple website builders that help to make your website with easiest manner. You can not only build website but also give attractive look that you are actually looking.

Keyword Research and Content Management

If you have basic knowledge about the Search Engine Optimization, then continue read otherwise skip this paragraph. To bring traffic to new website, you need to strongly follow Google Guidelines. Proper keyword research is powerful success factor, if you do it correctly then your success is 50% confirm. You need to make proper meta tags and title for each and every page.  

Without content and image, website is never seeming as good. You have to put sufficient content and related images into the website. If you have no ideas that how to make content for website, then contact to freelancers. Numbers of freelancers are available on internet. You can easily find out yours desire one.

Website Hosting Services

Once you have completed design and content management, now time to find place to host a website. Domain registration is just like a reserve your identity now time to place where we can put web files. May be some websites will offer free website hosting but this is not 100% guarantee that they are giving optimum and trusted services. Some times what happen, you make your website with hard work and make many pages and upload content to the website and such free hosting websites, without any notice close hosting account. Result, your website will not see.

This is not a good situation, to overcome such kind of situation you need to purchase some high professional website hosting services. I am sharing some best website hosting services providers.

1. Go Daddy
2. Big Rock

Setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console

If you want to track traffic details of your website, then you should be setup Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. Google Webmaster or Google Search Console treat as doctor for your website. Give website health report and try to make your website more efficient and user friendly. Provide various kinds of online Google tools that helps to make website better.

Google analytics helps to analyse your website traffic. Who are visitors of your website? What are the pages having high bounce rate? Coming visitors from which country and city. Such type of several information you will get from this tools. You can do complete analysis for your website. You need to make a sheet for summarize all data that help to track all traffic and your website direction. If you feel any type of trouble in setup, you can ask me to fix your problem. I appreciate your response.


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