Friday, March 3, 2017

What is the Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow?

Hello Guys,

Links have two attributes, first is Do Follow and No Follow Links.

do follow and no follow links

Do Follow Links 

Pass Link Juice.
Links have value.

Pass Link Juice:

A ( High DA and PR)
B (Your Website, LOW DA and PR)

If website A has link of your website B, then link pass some value from A to B. That gives strength to your website B.

Format of Link: Website A Page Code (Might be)
This is the format of Do Follow link.

No Follow Links 

Not Pass Link Juice.

Links not gives value.
Not Pass Link Juice: Format of Link:

Website A page Code (Might be)
This is the format of No Follow Link.

I hope you understand what my point, if you have further any question then please comments below.


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