Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why My Computer Hang and How to fix it?

You are one of those persons, there computer all time hang. Even some people computer start to hang when they turn on system. This is common problem. Sometimes your computer has sufficient RAM but still it is start to hang. Don’t worry, we are looking on possible solution for you. Help to resolve quickly this problem.

Remove Cookies: If you are using internet in the computer and visit numbers of websites from computer then you should be remove cookies. Actually, when you are visiting a website then it is store their little bit information(cookies) in your browser memory. This is recommended for you that you need to clear cookies for time to time, but sometimes you forget it and it cover huge then start to facing hang problem of the system.

computer hang

How to remove cookies from internet browser?

Here I am giving some example that sure help to you.

Clear Cookies for Chrome Browser: If you are using Google Chrome browser for internet suffering then you can easily remove cookies from your computer. Use short key for delete cookies. Short cut key is Ctrl + Shift + Del, when press these buttons a pop window generate and ask some check list. It contents several items. Make sure that proper field select and clear them. Passwords field also coming in this section. If you store your password for particular website, then make unchecked that.

chrome cookies

Clear Cookies for Mozila Firefox Browser: Same short cut key as you applied for Chrome browser, Ctrl + Shift + Del. A pop up window open and you can several check lists there. Like chrome browser Mozila firefox browser not clear your saved passwords. So don’t worry about that. It ask time period from which time to when, you want to clear your computer browse catch. Select from top side and click on clear now.
So, these are most famous browse using in the present time. I hope you like. These are browse catch clear, not time to remove some temp files from computer.

Remove Temp Files from My Computer

If you are using window 10 operating system then proceeds following steps.
Steps are:
1 Press Window + R button.
2 Run will be open.
3 Type temp and press enter. Window will open. Select all and delete all folders. Don’t worry thry are just temporary files.
4 Now, again press Window + R button.
5 Type %temp% and hit enter. Again, window will open. Select all and delete.

Now time to restart your computer. Now computer feels freshness and it start to good deliver good result.
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