Monday, May 15, 2017

Digital Marketing - Trends to Watch Now

Digital Marketing Trends in this Year

The digital marketing platform helps to boost business like storm. Digital marketing is quite different from local marketing. It allows to target world wide location from single sit. In the 2016, we saw that mobile apps marketing, email marketing, display advertising, email marketing and social media are leading. We very well knows that digital marketing is the dynamic. Now it is going to absorb new things. Here we are going to flash on those upcoming trends:

digital marketing trends


This is the new feature in the digital marketing. It allows to show things at the real time. This is features are recently introduce and numbers of apps are available on Google play store for this. However Facebook and Instagram have already add this features. Are you crazy for become part of live event then contact your friend request for live streaming. You will become part of this. You fell like that you are there. If you are Facebook user then you may be saw such type of live streaming video.


The Pokémon Go: Pokémon Go has certainly brought augmented reality into the mainstream. Prior to the launch of this incredibly popular mobile game, augmented reality was a niche technology and there was plenty of doubt that it would ever catch on outside of educational or experimental applications. Thanks to Pokémon Go, augmented reality is now a viable technology in a wide range of markets. As companies in various sectors begin to explore this innovation, AR becomes a more attractive pursuit for investors than other emerging technologies such as virtual reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality popularity is growing day by day. May be you are confused about the what is the AR and VR, AR use technology into the real world where VR not into the real world. 


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