Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to Increase Social Media Engagement to New Website

Increase social media traffic to the website is a common question to newbie in digital marketing world. How to get good numbers of social media traffic to the website? Numbers of people are just thinking that make social media accounts and share posts and work done. This is not way, where you can achieve business goals. You need to do something special and creative.

This is an ordinary way that most of the people are doing, those are actually don't aware about the social media marketing. This is a strategy work. You need to do some research for same business on social media. This will give you basic idea to prepare action plan.

What are things you need to care when you are going to make social media accounts?

So, here we are going to explore all those platform which are really help for you.

1. Business Analysis on Social Media

What kind of services or other things which are you going to serve via website? You have to proper and complete information about what are you going to put in front of world wide web public. For an example, suppose you have bakery website and deliver cakes within Birmingham area. 

So, what are your role for this:
- Check out some competitor's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. 
- See what kinds of phrases they are used in #tag.
- See their profiles/pages completely.
- See their page URLs.
- See what kinds of things have shared on social media accounts.

2. Profiles/Pages Setup

To make an awesome profile for business. The profile should be complete and have all information in it about your business, like business name, working hours, address, contact numbers, logo and email id.

Profile and Page URL should be on Brand Name.

For an example you can see yesdheer.com social media account, 


3. Use hashtag when you shared post

Don't forget to add # tag into your post. See trend and according to that use # tag into your website. 

4. Make Social Media Marketing Plan

You need to make marketing plan for share post of social media. You need to update business social media accounts on regular interval. That help to give good brand value.

5. Interconnect Social Media Accounts with One Another

This will be good step, if you interconnect social media accounts to one another then help to achieve good result.
6. Image Quality and Size

This is a very important that you should be care about what kinds of images, you are going to share on social media. Not only image kind but size also.

So, these are the basic things, you can get good result if you follow it. If you have more suggestion about this post then please share via comments. Your are future suggestions are welcome here.



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