Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ways of Internal Linking of Website Pages

Have you know about, what kind of internal linking structure is following by your website?

Absolute or Relative

So, this means two ways are available of internal linking of website
pages with one another. Proper internal linking give best user experience and as well easy to understand for search engine also.

Let's start to understand, what is this?

absolute relative url

Absolute Linking Scheme: Put the complete path of the target link, that means it is absolute internal link scheme. 

For an example:

<a href="">Digital Marketing</a>

Anchor Text is: Digital Marketing
Target Link is:

You can see clearly that above link is using full path of target. That is mean it absolute linking scheme.

Relative Linking Scheme: This link scheme believe in use relative path not a complete. The above link example, we can write also in another way, that is:

<a href="/p/digital-marketing.html">Digital Marketing</a>

You do it and result in both case will be same.

So, you can see here, that we have discussed on two theme of internal link scheme. Now question is arise that which one is best for us.

May be you knows that Google is using more then 200 signals for give rank to website. May be Google has using internal link structure in one of them.

I have searched many times on most of popular SEO blog but not get any solid reason about which one is best. If you have it then please share here.


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