Saturday, December 2, 2017

SEO Vs Paid Marketing which is the best digital marketing channel?

Which is best digital marketing channel in both search engine optimization and paid marketing (Google AdWords). The question arises here because SEO is not an easy as previous years(before 2012). When easily got rank in Google and in other major search engines via did large numbers of link building with target keywords as anchor text. This is the very simple job and gets high volume traffic. But with the time passing, Google continues updating self via update Google Algorithm, and some Google updates are gone in real time.

seo vs google adwords

Before 2012, you just need to make the link with targeted keywords and did some bookmarking and you could see in the couples of days, website start to come on targeted keywords. SEO experts were happy in those days. But this, not a right way and its increase spamming on the Google. Google love the website which has meaningful information and user-friendly navigation.


In the earlier case, when visitor search for particular service/product/guide, due to spam not were getting an appropriate content via Google. Then Google took a step against such kind of spammy activities. Google strongly believe in give meaningful and useful content to the visitor. Bring new Google algorithm Panda and Penguin and start the fight against spammy content. In these days, Google is the smart search engine and behave like your intelligent friend.

So, now this is not an easy job left to bring the website to target keywords. If you still following old SEO tactics then probably you will not get satisfied result or maybe Google will penalize your website. You need to update according to Google guidelines.

Get Google Guidelines here:

On the other hand, with the help of Google AdWords, you can bring your website to the first page. You need to pay the fixed amount. Need to setup Google AdWords account and start a campaign. According to the Google latest update, top and bottom four positions acquired by Google Ads Links. So, this is very an easy approach, payment amount and get rank at the top positions in the Google.

Search engine optimization and Google AdWords, both are the digital marketing channel. One is free of cost and another one is paid for getting positions in the Google search result page (SERP). The question arises here that which one is best if the situation arises to pick only one.

I think nobody can give the accurate answer for that. Because both are important on the particular condition. Both have the power to give maximize ROI. So, judgment who is best in SEO and Google AdWords is not an appropriate.

Let’s see profit prominence of both Search engine optimization and Google AdWords

Items Search Engine Optimization Google AdWords
Show Result Take 6-9 Months Instant
Difficulty Tough Easy
Traffic Amount Unlimited Based on Campaign
Target Worldwide Limited but you can do it worldwide
Cost Cheaper as Compare to Google AdWords Costly as compare to SEO
Getting Result Unlimited Based on Campaign

So, you can see the above comparison. Both are effective and important but according to a situation.


Simple you are ready to spend large amount and want the quick result, go with Google AdWords otherwise, SEO is the best option.

Hope you enjoy throughout the reading this article. I appreciate your response via comments.



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